Built with children and young people’s inclusion and wellbeing in mind

We provide direct access to the broadest range of child psychology services for early years, schools, post-16 education professionals, parents and carers. As a part of Wandsworth Council’s Smart Schools Services we’re in the unique position of connecting with all other school service teams and local agencies, to offer a highly responsive service.


Supporting children and young people in maximising their potential

We maximise the wellbeing and potential of children and young people by providing immediate access to a broad range of educational, child and adolescent psychology services.

Children and young people’s needs are at the centre of everything we do, making our process child-centred and needs-led.

Our vision is for all children and young people to maximise their potential by having their needs met in education settings, at home and in the community so they can be happy, safe, and ready to cope with life’s challenges.

Bringing clarity to the complex:

360° support

Holistic services

Bespoke solutions

Immediate access

Flexible pricing

Meeting the needs of children and young people at home, in education, and in the community

We believe to be truly child-centred we should be responsive to the needs of individuals, parents/carers, education settings and communities. It’s at the heart of our bespoke service.


We believe that all children and young people deserve to be listened to and heard.

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We believe that people’s lives need to be considered in a holistic way taking account of the whole person and the contexts in which they operate.

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We believe in working collaboratively with others to bring about change, and that early intervention is an effective means of bringing about change.

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